You can’t pick up a culture card and choose when to use it: Shaniera Akram school criticizes hypocrisy.

From hosting lavish weddings during the pandemic to the gloomy state of the crap-filled Seaview Beach, Pakistan’s most beloved Bobby Shaniera Akram protects the adopted country and the people living in it.

When the country fell into chaos after a girl hugging a boy at the University of Lahore was deported, the activist said, protesting that love should not be punished like a crime.

However, after receiving massive backlash from conservative audiences for her posts, Akram recently invoked public hypocrisy on social media, defending herself from those who quickly judge her intentions and position in the country. She is called an outsider with’foreigner values’.

Because she grew up in Melbourne, a multicultural city, she protested, “I’m indulged in our culture, family values, and the way we are as a country,” reminding people to speak only from a different perspective. “When I was young, I didn’t have a lot of culture.”

She said there were reports of child abuse, honorary murder, and children being dumped in garbage and tortured in Pakistan. This is not our culture, but it still happens.

“We can’t choose when playing a game when we’re holding a culture card,” she said.

She asked people to understand her point of view, convinced that there was only love and respect for Pakistani values. “Let me loose a little,” she said, asking people not to attack her than she doesn’t think the act of love is worse than violence.

“Preach love, not hate!”

Despite not being born in Pakistan, Akram has proven over and over again that he is Pakistani. Being Pakistan also means that we are trying to call out and fix the bad things in society. Akram never goes far from speaking her heart in that regard and we love her.

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