What is forest bathing and how to relax your mind

If you love nature somewhat and want to relax your mind, forest bathing is the right treatment. Not only will you be able to discover more about the connection between you and nature, but more importantly, it’s an opportunity to improve your overall health. You can better understand and strengthen your senses.

I started writing this article after daily forest bathing rituals. While staying at my parents’ house, a few minutes’ walk in a huge forest that stretches over miles, I had the opportunity to revisit the area I roamed when I was a child.

In the past, when I played there, I wasn’t sure how much the forest would have on my mental health, and I never thought I would appreciate this rich environment. I was connected spontaneously, like being one with it.

Forest bathing was a natural thing for our ancestors, and we thought it was not a form of therapy, it was just a way of life. Today we use our batteries to recharge and unwind.

Urban jungle vs. Forest bathing

Why do some doctors prescribe forest bathing as a stress-reducing treatment? “Spending time among the trees not only provides a panacea for a variety of modern ailments, including stress, depression and anxiety, but also helps strengthen the immune system, reduce anger, and help you sleep better,” said Forest Bathers. Explain.

Our connection to the healing energy of the forest has diminished as our daily lives have become digitized and more time is spent in modern infrastructure such as shopping malls, offices, airplanes, subways, trains and cars.

The comfortable yet artificial spaces we spend most of our time in all seem to give us efficiency, safety and productivity, but take away our vitality, diversity and creativity.

This is where the problem of generating stress begins and we lose enthusiasm for what we do. Nevertheless, we started thinking that more of life would be found in the middle of industrial cities. It is said that living things have vitality and are creative. However, it turns out that the speed of the creature is rather a dynamic that produces more stress and struggle. It creates vitality and creativity.

Thus, forest bathing is prescribed as a stress reduction therapy to re-establish our connection with the forest, where we are basically from.

Forest bathing ideas

It is important to reconnect physically with nature, but without an emotional connection with nature and particularly with the forest, forest bathing has little effect. To get the maximum benefit from the forest, you need to take it inside. Trees, smells, scenery, humidity, everything else.

Even if you are no longer physically in the forest, the forest is within you. The thought of a tree on your own (outer lungs) evokes positive emotions and peace.

We must not forget our roots and (emotionally) return to food, our early skills, where our inventions began. In the depths of our minds we are “forest dwellers” and all “low” knowledge of architecture, architecture, medicine, gastronomy, craftsmanship and many other craftsmanships have been learned in the forests and forests.

The least you can do today is to throw away some metropolitan habits (the ones that cause your pain) as city life, and get out and cuddle oaks, cedars and even birches. Bloom, understand bees, and smell the trees around you.

This is the idea of ​​forest bathing. So go out and connect! In the next section, we will give examples of our relationship to forest bathing. It’s simple and you can get great value by applying it.

Why is the forest so powerful?

Did you know that the birth of Upanishads, who created the concept of meditation through an unprecedented study of human and cosmic consciousness, settled in the great forests of India? Hence, the name of one of the earliest upanishads was “Brihada la Nhaka upanishads-Great Forest”.

They retired from civilization and went into the woods, thinking about the nature of life and exploring the nature of the human mind. The forests were their temples, their temples, and gave them the serenity and tranquility to explore themselves. It gave them the harmony of being an ordinary human unconditionally by an ideology created by a fallen individual. It gave them space to open their minds and see the vast powers of consciousness.

Before I started studying Upanishads, I had already connected with the forest and fell in love with the trees. And to this day I’m getting a ton of energy out of them. Their energies wash away all unnecessary thoughts from my mind.

It literally moved to a place in the woods and is surrounded by hundreds of trees. You can take the time to set new goals.

How to Relax Your Mind with Forest Bathing

I guess you have been in a forest, a mountain or a forest near your house many times. If you are not sure what a suitable forest bathing is, follow these steps the next time you go to the forest.

1. Take a good look

Take a good look at the forest before entering. Recognize it as an external lung and be prepared for physical and biological contact. Understand that there is a molecular interaction between you and the entire forest. You inhale oxygen from the trees while inhaling the carbon dioxide exhaled from the trees.

At this level you are one with the forest. Both breathe together. This is the highlight of the forest bathing and is higher than the relationship with it on the sensory level. But the smell of trees, flowers, weeds, all the marvelous colors the forest offers, the sounds of trees, birds and bees are pure delights for the five senses.

2. Smell the forest

As you continue walking in the woods, smell the woods exhaling from humid places and gradually deepen your inhalation. Breathe gently, slowly and deeply to strengthen your sense of smell. If possible, check the various odors that the forest produces. Take a deep breath, take a walk and explore all the different smells. Make it a meaningful and meaningful experience.

3, sitting on a rock or tree trunk

After a while, sit down on a bench, rock or tree trunk. Take a piece of wood, a branch or a flower in your hand and get in physical contact with nature. Feel how you feel. Feel the energy by touching the leaves or hugging the trees. Know that the tree itself has a great history of about 350 million years.

4. Tour

Look around and see all the different colors the forest represents (the color of the trunks, branches and leaves). Enjoy the beautiful scenery that changes color according to the season.

5. Listen

Finally, hear and hear a variety of sounds coming from every part of the forest: the sound of the wind blowing through the trees, the sound of leaves, the chirping of birds, and more. Feel the positive vibrations throughout your body, especially your head, where the sounds of the forest captivate your mind.

Last thoughts

Leave your body to all these sensations by deepening your relationship with nature. Learn to respect nature and view it as your best energy source. Consciously take these sensations and experiences into account and tell yourself that you will not forget when you leave the forest.

Promise yourself that these essential traits the forest planted on you will resonate as you return to the urban jungle. Take everything with you and carry this energy within you. Let it grow by consciously and slowly taking deep breaths. The forest lives in you.

More benefits of forest bathing

Featured photo credits: Yanny Mishchuk via unsplash.com

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