TOWIE’s Demi Sims and girlfriend Francesca Farago beloved in a photo of an intimate evening date in Mexico

New couple Demi Sims and Francesca Parago are in love with each other in a photo of a romantic dinner in Mexico.

TOWIE star Demi shared a snapshot of the two kisses last month on her Instagram, announcing her relationship with Francesca on the Netflix dating show Too Hot to Handle.

Since then, they have been enjoying their honeymoon in Mexico while enjoying a sunset dinner. Visiting Mexico for work trips and hugging each other close together.

In an Instagram-posted snapshot of 24-year-old Francesca, she was stunned with PrettyLittleThing’s low-cut halter top and white flower skirt, while Demi looked gorgeous with her dual-tone cropped top and white pleated skirt.

The two stare at each other in a romantic snapshot.

The two shared a snapshot at a romantic meal set against a beautiful backdrop of Mexican landscapes.

Loved-up Demi captioned her post. “My beautiful girlfriend took me to @hotelhuntulum too and swipe for the cutest date for a real stupid kiss!! Thank you @homu.tulum!”

Fans seem to love the new romance. One said, “I’m obsessed with this relationship,” and another said, “This couple is everything!!!”

Demi and Francesca enjoyed a romantic dinner in Mexico.
Demi and Francesca enjoyed a romantic dinner in Mexico.

The two shared a kiss during a romantic meal.
The two shared a kiss during a romantic meal.

This fabulous pair was also supported by family and friends along with Demi’s sister Frankie Sims. “It’s cute,” Frankie Essex wrote “Ahhh girls.”

The couple seems to be getting very serious because they recently tattooed each other’s names.

Francesca grabbed the needle to engrave the TOWIE star girlfriend’s name on her bum, and Demi decided to get an’F’ in the name of her Canadian partner who had tattooed her wrist.

Francesca engraved'Demi' on the floor.
Francesca engraved’Demi’ on the floor.

Demi has a small'F' on her wrist.
Demi has a small’F’ on her wrist.

The couple also aroused excitement among fans that they plan to live together last week when Francesca posted a post on Instagram “Moving to London, brb”.

Demi soon confirmed this by referring to her new girlfriend’s post saying “I can’t wait for you to live with me.”

Fans were flooded with comments offering hundreds of support for the news, and one fan said, “I was waiting for this announcement.”

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