Steps star Ian’H’ Watkins splits new boyfriend Tom Hope on’commit issue’

Ian’H’ Watkins reportedly broke up with boyfriend Tom Hope after months.

Steps singer is said to have called time for his romance after H admitted that he was struggling to reconcile his work appointments and relationships with family life.

An insider told The Sun Online: “H and Tom were doing great, but over time, H said he didn’t think he could do it.

“They are friends and there is no bad blood between them.

Ian’H’ Watkins reportedly broke up with boyfriend Tom after confirming romance in November.

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“H and Tom have made a lovely couple and their friends continue to support them.

“H filled his hands with twins and work. I hope you do well with each other.”

Confirm! online Contacted Ian’s representative for comments.

Dancing on Ice Star H is said to have preserved a romance with music tour manager Tom Lowkey.

H is said to be friendly with former Tom.
H is said to be friendly with former Tom.

As Ian told Mirror at the time, the two confirmed their relationship only in November: “All I have to say is that I am in a very happy, lovely and happy bubble.”

However, it is reported that H and Tom started dating early last year after being introduced to mutual friends.

The short romance with Tom was first known after a 10-year breakup with Craig Ryder in 2017.

A year ago, Ian and Craig met their twin sons Macsen and Cybi together.

Ian'H' Watkins shares twins with former Craig Ryder.
Ian’H’ Watkins shares twins with former Craig Ryder.

Last year, H made history by participating in Dancing on Ice’s first same-sex couple with Matt Evers.

Ian and Matt’s routine has been highly praised by viewers of Dancing on Ice, but 16 fans have visited Ofcom to complain about same-sex pairings since his first gig.

In an interview with Huff Post UK, he said: “It was a great response. Lots of comments have been overwhelmingly supported, but when people call you by terrible names and say things like’It’s not natural’ or’You’re a waste’, all those terrible names are daggers in my mind.”

He added: “I think the world has evolved and changed so much, but such people are still there and will be in contact with my children.

Ian Watkins and Matt Evers were Dancing On Ice's first same-sex couple.
Ian Watkins and Matt Evers were Dancing On Ice’s first same-sex couple.

“And those narrow-minded people will produce more prejudices and we are bigger and better than that now as society. It has changed so much, but there are still a handful of negativity that are terrible.

But the tragic hit singer said that despite the amount, the complaints were still hard to hear.

He said: “It hurts because the two dancing together on ice made 16 people so offended. It’s not like we tear each other’s clothes off and runny nose. Crazy!

“I thought what we did was very refined, strong and dynamic.”

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