Rio Ferdinand tells his son Cree that he’missed so’ spending time with his eldest sons as his father again

He may be the fourth dad after his son Cree was born, but Rio Ferdinand reflected his journey to fatherhood with his eldest three children.

The former footballer, who said that his wife Kate Ferdinand had adapted to becoming a mother, regretted not being able to spend much time with Lorenz (14 years old), Tate (12 years old) and Tia (9 years old) as a child.

The 42-year-old man said in an interview with the mirror: “We think like dad. We do a great job and we’re always there, but we are not.

“We travel so much that we just go in and out,” he said.

Rio Ferdinand reflected how he became a dad to his three eldest children.

Football experts said that kids weren't always around when they were growing up.
Football experts said that kids weren’t always around when they were growing up.

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“Probably 75% weren’t there. I was traveling around Europe and playing games.

“When I was there, were you really mentally there? I used the excuse’Oh, there’s a game’. Honestly, I probably left an hour earlier,” Rio admitted candidly.

“For all elite sportsmen, their families play the second violin in their careers. Family is a sacrifice. I haven’t been to numerous family events.

“I missed my birthday, I missed so many, and I also missed the birth of one of my children.

Rio admits he missed his birthday for work.
Rio admits he missed his birthday for work.

“As a sportsman, you have to accept the missing milestones, but it’s changed a bit now. Our family is at the center of everything.

“Whatever job I’ve taken, they’re very aware of family dynamics right now because that’s where my life is right now, so this is really good in that sense because it’s like doing it right the first time,” Rio revealed. .

After welcoming his son Cree on Friday, December 18th, television expert and wife Kate shared his lovely first snapshot on December 24th.

Rio and wife Kate shared a lovely snapshot of the newborn Cree and family.
Rio and wife Kate shared a lovely snapshot of the newborn Cree and family.

Peeping at her son’s cradle, her new mom put a picture of Kree in her brother Tate’s arms while other brothers Lorenz and Tia sat around.

The proud dad Rio could see the kids standing on top of his kids as they watched them together.

All five of the Ferdinand clan wore the same green pajamas on Christmas Eve.

Kate said, “Cree Ferdinand with all my heart… our angel boy, we all love you so much.” [sic]

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