Pakistan bans Mia Khalifa in TikTok but does not succumb to’fascism’

The PTA has banned and unbanned TikTok twice and is now looking at a new way to censor content in social media applications: individual bans on accounts. Accounts for media personality and sports commentator Mia Khalifa have been banned in Pakistan, but it hasn’t been easy for authorities seeking Pakistani content to be deprived.

Without an official announcement, the PTA decided to ban her accounts domestically, without an explanation of how and why.

As Pakistanis began to realize that her content was absent, she was so upset that she tweeted. Their cries eventually reached Khalifa’s own ears and surprised her.

Pakistani was with her. They did not appreciate the decision and criticized it with severe criticism.

This user asked what the PTA really is doing.

But for Khalifa it was all a compliment.

Apparently, the ban had little effect on threatening influencers from Lebanese and was only considered a challenge. She even yelled at us for doing so. Then, to the absolute joy of her fans, she said, “From now on for Pakistani fans who want to avoid fascism, I will be reposting all TikToks on Twitter.”

Khalifa has been very vocal about social and human rights issues, such as the Indian peasant crisis and the Israeli attack on Palestine. She also participated in the United Nations and directly exclaimed the lack of peace and action.

This whole episode could be a happy ending, but it raises questions about what’s new in PTA for TikTok and the fact that it can block individual users instead of targeting the entire platform.

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