Myleene Klass became the first celebrity to leave Dancing On Ice while skating with Lady Leshurr.

Myleene Klass became the first celebrity to leave Dancing On Ice.

Classical musician and former singer Hear’Say unanimously canceled the vote by the jury fabric on Sunday night with her skating partner Lukasz Rozycki.

The star found himself on the skates against rapper Lady Leshurr and her partner Brendyn Hatfield.

Myleene Klass is the first to be excluded from Dancing on Ice.

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All four judges voted to save Lady Leshurr, and Ashley Banjo said, “I’m going to vote for Lady Leshur, the strongest skater in my opinion and the one with the strongest skating performance.”

Presenter Holly Willoughby previously supported her friend Myleene to win. In the webinar, the star said, “I think I’m going to Myleene!

“Because I am a musician, I think I have musicality. Anyway she is an actor and I think she will fall in love with it.”

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