Marilyn Manson sues former secretary for sexual assault

Rockstar Marilyn Manson is currently being sued by his former secretary, Ashley Walters, 37, for sexual assault, beatings, and harassment. This is the latest out of several lawsuits allegedly filed for sexual assault against Manson, including lawsuits made by previous partners. The Game Of Thrones Actress Esmé Bianco.

Cut Walters gets a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles County Superior Court claiming that Manson, whose real name is Brian Warner, will be the “scary boss” who will work 48 hours in a row, and kiss her without her consent.

The two are said to have met at Manson’s house in 2010, and he submitted it to the court after inviting Walters. He sent her a message on MySpace, complimenting her for contacting her. After a provocative photo shoot at her first meeting, she fixed her, kissed her and tried to tuck her hand into her underwear.

She alleges that Manson later threatened to commit suicide and hit Walters against the wall in “a seizure of drug rage.” He will mentally abuse her by breaking things and returning them to their original condition. She also claimed that he would occasionally carry drugs in her luggage.

When Manson allegedly invited her friends to behave inappropriately, she said she had been sexually harassed by people she did not know. “I encouraged, promoted, and looked forward to encouraging, promoting, and’joying’ my friends in the way Walters wanted me to routinely.”

She also claims to have witnessed the abuse of other women in Manson’s hands. She is said to have confessed Bianco, who is making her own lawsuit against her.

Manson hasn’t commented on this issue yet. However, looking at historical data, where he denied all claims against him, he would claim innocence here as well.

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