Love Island’s Cara De La Hoyde explains why she has a’little circle’ after a feud with Olivia Bowen.

Cara De La Hoyde, who won Love Island with her husband Nathan Massey five years ago, spoke after fans quizzed her about “Why don’t you talk to anyone on the show”.

The 30-year-old Essex-born star, who is now talking with Olivia Bowen since being eliminated, has participated in Q&A with fans on Instagram.

“You don’t talk to anyone on the island of love. [sic] One of her followers sent it to both mothers.

She replied with a photo of Nathan and two children, Freddie George (2 years old) and baby Delilah, born last July, “I talk to people I want and talk to people I love.” .

Cara De La Hoyde mentioned why she had a “small circle” of friends after a feud with Olivia Bowen.

Cara answered the fan-made assumptions.
Cara answered the fan-made assumptions.

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“But those who are not me are not. It’s not that I’m eliminated, I don’t care and they doubt about my life.

Cara, who recently said she suffered from her mother’s guilt after meeting her daughter, wrote: “People grow and lives change. I like my circle small. “

Occurs after Olivia Bowen revealed that she and Cara were chatting through closures because they went different ways.

Cara and Nathan have two children, Freddie-George, two, and Delilah, born in July of last year.
Cara and Nathan have two children together.

She is Confirm! magazine: “She is doing very well and she is amazing. Delilah is great-I am so proud.”

“I can’t wait to see them, sort things out and return to our appearance.

“I can’t believe it’s been two years since we talked. This time we know what’s important because of the coronavirus-related work.”

Olivia Bowen revealed that she and Cara had chatted through closure.
Olivia Bowen revealed that she and Cara had chatted through closure.

The stars may have been their best friends on the reality show, but fans were shocked when Cara fell as one of Olivia’s bridesmaids before her wedding with Alex Bowen in 2018.

Olivia said at the time: “She missed a few and didn’t see her for weeks or months. Until the point where it was impossible to logically dress up when a problem occurred.”

When Cara and Nathan tied the knot in 2019, the girls still didn’t talk to each other.

Cara honestly admitted her. "Libido disappeared" She is "tired"
Cara fell as one of Olivia’s bridesmaids.

Elsewhere, Cara frankly admitted that after meeting Nathan and her second child last summer, “Libido is gone” because she was “tired”.

“We don’t even sleep in the same bed because Delilah is in our room with me,” she told Fabulous magazine.

“Since Nathan is sleeping in Fred’s room, he won’t wake up and he’ll be a zombie at work the next day. I can’t remember the last time we were alone. Anyway my libido is gone. I’m so tired.”

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