Katie Price’s son Harvey returns home from hospital after’dangerous’ reaction to coronavirus vaccine

Katie Price said her son Harvey returned home from the hospital after reacting to the coronavirus vaccine.

Following a “dangerous” reaction to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine administered on Friday, February 5, Harvey, the 18-year-old son of a 5-year-old mother, was transferred to A&E on Saturday, February 6.

A source close to the star told The Sun at the time: “Katie little by little, Harvey only had a jab on Friday, but now doctors who know Harvey are telling her that he had a bad reaction to it. It can’t be anything else. .

“She’s very worried, but she’s trying to stay calm.”

Katie Price revealed that her son Harvey was at home in the hospital after reacting to the coronavirus vaccine.

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However, the 42-year-old has now revealed that Harvey is at home and shared a clip of the two in an Instagram story to update fans.

Talking to her son with multiple health conditions, including Prader-Willi Syndrome, septo-optic dysplasia, and autism, she says, “Yesterday Harv, where did Harvey go last night?”

Then the teenager replies, “Hospital.” The question Katie asks: “And why did you go to the hospital?”

“Because I wasn’t in a good mood,” says Harvey. She says: “Did you not think you were right? What did you eat the day before yesterday?”

Harvey told Katie's Instagram follower about his hospital trip.
Harvey told Katie’s Instagram follower about his hospital trip.

5 mom Katie claimed that her son was safe and doing well after visiting A&E.
5 mom Katie claimed that her son was safe and doing well after visiting A&E.

Katie’s son replies “blood.” Katie added: “Is it a shot?”

Turning the camera alone, she says: “Harvey is at home, he’s safe, and he’s in condition today. What did you say at 4 this morning?”

Harvey confesses: “Kiev and chips” as Katie says: “Yes, I want chicken Kiev and chips at 4 this morning!”

Speaking to her followers once again, Mom continues: “Harvey is all great. Because of Harvey’s complex needs and the complex medications he’s taking, he received Covid (from Oxford) and he just responded and the response was really, really high. With temperature, 39.9C and obviously Harvey I really had to keep an eye on him and couldn’t lower his temperature.

Katie planted a sweet kiss on Harvey's cheek after updating her fans.
Katie planted a sweet kiss on Harvey’s cheek after updating her fans.

“So I called Great Ormond Street and told me to go to the nearest A&E. That’s what we did.”

She goes on to say to her son: “There was Xray, blood, ECG, everything. Everything was fine and they just said it was Covid’s reaction. [injection] But today is he absolutely in good shape?

“And the doctors and nurses were fantastic! So I still can’t wait to get my Covid shot and I recommend everyone else get it. Harvey is safe.”

She gives a sweet kiss on her cheek and turns to her son who says “form” before finishing the video.

It’s after Katie shared the joy that her son had been vaccinated.

She told The Sun Online: It felt strange to be in the hall of the school where everyone sat on chairs at intervals of 1 meter.

“Then the doctor talks about the Oxford vaccine.

“Harvey was the youngest person we’ve ever seen. Everything went smoothly, calmly and professionally.

“Harvey was very brave and it ended so quickly that everyone was so helpful.”

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