Katie Price’s son, Harvey Penn, thanked the NHS after a hospital visit in response to the Covid-19 jab.

Katie Price shared a touching note written to NHS about her son Harvey helping him during his hospital stay.

The 42-year-old eldest son Harvey, 18, was taken to the hospital over the weekend after reacting to the Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine he received on Friday, February 5.

And now the teenager is staying safe and healthy at home. He takes the time to write a thank-you letter to the NHS staff and hopes that it goes well.

“NHS doctors and nurses, I am writing on Friday that I was good at taking care of Harvey and everyone and giving injections.

Katie Price shared a sweet note written by her son Harvey to thank the NHS.

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“All of you are proud of me. You work hard every day. We all need a vacation. With Harvey Price’s love and gratitude, we will send you more photos to keep you happy and safe.”

Proud mom Katie, who recently urged fans to get the Corona 19 vaccine, shared a sweet note with 2.4 million followers.

As she shared an image of Harvey’s handwritten message, Katie told fans: “I can’t help but show you this post by @officialmrharveyprice today without any help. I am surprised every day that I have to go through Harvey’s mind.” With red heart emoticon.

Fans quickly praised Harvey for his thoughtful gestures: “Aww Harvey is a really cool letter. As a paramedic I will be over the moon to get this good job.

Harvey Price said NHS "fag" In a touching letter
Harvey Price said the NHS “work very hard” in a touching letter

Harvey was taken to hospital after reacting to the Covid-19 JAB.
Harvey was taken to hospital after reacting to the Covid-19 JAB.

Another added: “Your son has a beautiful soul! It doesn’t have to be said though. What a great friend! Beautiful manners”.

And the third one said, “He loves Harvey who melts me,” and then I put on a red heart emoji.

Katie shared an update on Harvey after being taken to the hospital over the weekend. Talking to her son with multiple health conditions, including Prader-Willi Syndrome, septo-optic dysplasia, and autism, she says, “Yesterday Harv, where did Harvey go last night?”

Then the teenager replies, “Hospital.” The question Katie asks: “And why did you go to the hospital?”

Katie recently claimed that her son was healthy after a hospital visit.
Katie recently claimed that her son was healthy after a hospital visit.

“Because I wasn’t in a good mood,” says Harvey. She says: “Did you not think you were right? What did you eat the day before yesterday?”

Katie’s son replies “blood.” Katie added: “Is it a shot?”

Turning the camera alone, she says: “Harvey is at home, he’s safe, and he’s in condition today. What did you say at 4 this morning?”

Harvey confesses: “Kiev and chips” as Katie says: “Yes, I want chicken Kiev and chips at 4 this morning!”

Speaking to her followers once again, Mom continues: “Harvey is all great. Because of Harvey’s complex needs and the complex medications he’s taking, he received Covid (from Oxford) and he just responded and the response was really, really high. With temperature, 39.9C and obviously Harvey I really had to keep an eye on him and couldn’t lower his temperature.

“So I called Great Ormond Street and told me to go to the nearest A&E. That’s what we did.”

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