Fans of Zayn Malik believe that he has already secretly revealed the name of his daughter Khai with a wrist tattoo.

Four months after giving birth, Gigi Hadid finally revealed her daughter’s name to the world.

Discovering pregnancy at New York Fashion Week, the model updated her Instagram profile to read “Kai Mom” ​​to reveal her baby’s name.

However, loyal fans of dad Zayn Malik took to Twitter that they may have already secretly announced the name without anyone knowing.

One fan watched one of the singer’s Instagram live a few days before Gigi announced his name and found a tattoo on Zayn’s wrist.

Fans of Zayn Malik believe that he has already secretly revealed his daughter’s name.

Finally, the couple's baby names were revealed.
Finally, the couple’s baby names were revealed.

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On the inside of his wrist, a tattoo is seen in red ink, which means Kai in Arabic.

This account shared the photo on Twitter and wrote “Zain has his daughter’s name “Kai” tattooed in Arabic!”.

Other fans hurriedly commented on the theory under the post and shared their views on tattoos.

As one Twitter user said: “I really liked the name being everywhere and we couldn’t figure it out.

Fan accounts believe that Zayn tattooed her daughter's name on her wrist.
Fan accounts believe that Zayn tattooed her daughter’s name on her wrist.

“We really respected the privacy of their children. We weren’t fbis. I’m proud.” [sic]

“That means that the baby’s name was Kai. That’s a really cool name!” Another person commented.

The third follower said, “Hey, I feel good” and the fourth follower added, “This is so cute,” with a crying emoticon.

The couple announced the arrival of their first child in September.

28-year-old Zayn visited Twitter and Instagram for special news and said: “My daughter is healthy and beautiful.

The proud dad announced the arrival of his daughter in September.
The proud dad announced the arrival of his daughter in September.

“It is impossible to express my feelings in words. [sic]

“The love I feel for this little human is beyond my understanding. I am grateful to know her, I am proud to call her mine, and I am grateful for the life we ​​will be with.” [sic]

Jiji also visited his Instagram for his arcade-themed birthday class and shared interesting news with his followers.

She wrote: “Our girl was with us on Earth this weekend and she has already changed our world, so we fell in love.”

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