Denise Welch breaks down on loose women as Charlene White praises Kamala Harris at the US inauguration ceremony.

Denise Welch was touched by Charlene White’s emotional message for the inauguration of the U.S. president on January 20th, and wept with tears of happiness.

Charlene appeared in Loose Women and explained that she was overwhelmed with emotions watching Kamala Harris speak at an event where Joe Biden was sworn to be the 46th President of the United States.

“When I saw the ritual last night, I saw a surprisingly powerful woman of color because I had to catch up,” she explained.

The 40-year-old, who became the new anchor for a popular ITV show earlier this month, went on to say: “When there was someone like Joe Biden, he was the first president to talk about something like white supremacy at his inauguration. It was powerful.

Denise Welch collapsed when Loose Women co-star Charlene White talked about the inauguration ceremony.

Charlene praised Kamala Harris after taking office as vice president.
Charlene praised Kamala Harris after taking office as vice president.

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“Then, with Kamala aside and knowing what happened in the Capitol building 14 days ago, the contrasts and feelings have nothing to do with politics. It seems to be a conversation about the future and hope.

“I was emotional… I can tell from a black woman’s point of view, but when you think of all the stories that black women erase from history, their opinions are often ignored and everyday experiences… work.

“You are a woman you cannot ignore.”

Charlene said Kamala is not a negligible woman.
Charlene said Kamala is not a negligible woman.

Denise wiped her tears as she listened to Charlene.
Denise wiped her tears as she listened to Charlene.

Charlene added: “I can’t pretend she isn’t there for the next four years. I can’t pretend that her influence is severe. I can’t do that to Kamala.

“So I was upset yesterday to see and catch up last night [in a happy way] It was enjoyable. “

Former coronation street actress Denise immediately shed tears at Charlene’s powerful speech and admitted that she was “impressed” by the star’s passionate words.

Denise said she "moving" In words
Denise said she was “impressed” by the words.

“It’s great to hear from you that when we’re so deprived of our hopes right now, from a general point of view, we have hope right now,” she said.

“My son Matthew’s girlfriend is a woman of color and I think listening to you is very touching,” said Denise, who recently shared some unrecognizable content before and after the photo, saying that he had “taken her life back”. It.

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