Dancing On Ice receives Ofcom complaints after Rita Ora performs after a closure violation.

Dancing on Ice received more drama after receiving Ofcom’s complaints following Rita Ora’s performance.

Rita, 30, appeared on a Sunday night episode of the hit ITV show, performing her latest single Bang Bang, a collaboration with DJ Imanbek.

However, viewers were not impressed by her appearance after the singer was set on fire with charges of breaking the blockade rules several times during the ongoing pandemic.

Fans of the skating show booked a masked singer detective on social media after the performance, notifying them of their disappointment with the program hosted by Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby.

Dancing On Ice was hit hard by complaints following Rita Ora’s performance.

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Viewers flock to social media to discuss disappointment with the show. “Why is Rita Ora publicly violating the locking rules multiple times, and why is she still getting reservations for things like #dancingonice?

“Hey, when people blatantly break the rules, and there are no consequences, they will continue to do so!”

Second addition: “I really cross that she has Rita Aura on your show in a way that doesn’t show disrespect and respect for others breaking her corona restrictions at her birthday celebrations. itv puts her on her Don’t think you should promote it. [sic]. “

Rita performed her new single Bang Bang on the Sunday Night Show.
Rita performed her new single Bang Bang on the Sunday Night Show.

Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby recently hit an influencer partying in Dubai.
Hosts Phillip Schofield and Holly Willoughby recently hit an influencer partying in Dubai.

Meanwhile, the third wrote a sarcastic article. “It seems like a wise idea to invite Rita Aura, who loves good blockade violations, to a show where makeup artists may have to start skating because they fall like Paris. [sic]

Another comment: “Can someone tell Rita Ora that we’re shutting down? She’s absolutely everywhere… she’s probably spreading it out. She’s keeping the country in lockdown by herself!”

Another show’s host launched the following attack. “How can Holly and Phil break the Influencer’s joint rules in Dubai and support Rita Ora to applaud and applaud Dancing on Ice?”

Rita is currently working on The Voice in Australia.
Rita is currently working on The Voice in Australia.

However, viewers seem to be more disappointing than social media, with broadcast regulator Ofcom saying it has been dissatisfied with the singer’s appearance.

They confirmed to The Sun that 78 people had reached out to complain about Rita’s performance on Sunday night.

Rita’s performance is believed to have been pre-recorded even before the series began, as he spent the last two weeks in quarantine in Australia before working as a coach on the Australian series The Voice.

Rita was found to meet with an army escort when arriving in Australia earlier this month after violating UK coronavirus guidelines.

She was empowered to leave England and travel to Sydney for work as she prepares to start a new job as a coach at The Voice.

Labeled “selfish” by British police when she held a birthday party at a London restaurant Casa Cruz in November and broke the blockade rules, Rita was escorted to a quarantine hotel by the military when she arrived at Down Under.

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