Chloe Lewis’ one-year-old son Boy reaches a tremendous milestone as he takes his first steps in an adorable video

Chloe Lewis revealed that her son Beau took her first steps and started walking in a lovely video she shared on Instagram.

Proud mom, who recently reached her 30th birthday, shared her excitement through an Instagram story, saying: “Today my baby took the first steps. I couldn’t believe my eyes.”

In the following video, Mom posted the first moment a one-year-old walked.

You can see the boy getting up and trying to reach out to the giant teddy bear as he tries to walk towards him.

Chloe Lewis shared a lovely video of her son Beau taking the first steps.

The proud mother shared happiness with her followers.
The proud mother shared happiness with her followers.

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The young kid’s new milestone came after his mom told her followers in September that he had to wear a helmet 23 hours a day because of his deformed head.

She wrote: “I wanted to write a small post to share Beau’s journey with you to raise awareness of other babies.

“When Beau was born, he suffered from a head deformity from a traumatic birth, and he slept on a flatter side for several months thereafter. [sic]

“We used a molded pillow, but it didn’t work that much for Bo. Then I met the sweetest girl Ria and her beautiful boy Rudi. [sic]

Chloe previously said that Boy should wear a helmet.
Chloe previously said that Boy should wear a helmet.

“So I decided to send her a message at random via Instagram. I asked her 100 questions and she was completely at ease and advised me to visit the London Orthopedic Clinic.”

The former TOWIE star went on: so we’ve been wearing his helmet for three weeks… 23 hours a day. It wasn’t easy, but we know we’re doing our best. We love you Beau boy. “

Just a month later, Chloe provided an update on Beau’s status and said: “Today we got a second helmet appointment and my son is really cool.

Beau had to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day.
Beau had to wear a helmet for 23 hours a day.

“His asymmetry didn’t sound much at first because the 13mm shape was messed up, but now it’s reduced to 7mm in 4 weeks.”

A television figure who moved to Dubai expressed her happiness and said, “A proud mother.”

She finished the post by adding something like this: “I’m so excited to hear that the phone and appointments were overflowing after raising awareness. What is this platform for?”

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