Amy Tinkler boosted her body confidence after Dancing on Ice training made her feel’fat’.

Dancing on Ice star Amy Tinker honestly revealed how the show boosted her body confidence.

Amy, 21, admitted to the show so she could “put on one side and be happy again” the problem of self-confidence in her body after she felt’fat’.

The Olympic bronze medalist was recently announced as a replacement at Denise van Outen’s skating show after Denise quit in a skating accident that witnessed her shoulder dislocation.

Amy said heartbreakingly that she suffered fat shame and harassment while she was a gymnast last year.

Olympic gymnast Amy Tinkler said that Dancing on Ice gave her body confidence.

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In the meantime, she said, “I can barely see a set of weighing scales,” and refused to be at home.

Now as she prepares to debut on the ITV skating show, Amy told Mirror that she is receiving support for her body confidence issues.

She said: “I’m getting help with it and doing this show helped me put everything on one side and be happy again.

“There is no pressure on my weight in this show, and no pressure if I don’t go through the routine. We wear tight clothes, but I am happy with it.”

Olympic gymnast Amy said she "So excited" To join the competition with Joe Johnson
Olympic gymnast Amy said she was “so excited” to join the competition with Joe Johnson.

Amy previously revealed that she had grown fat while living as a gymnast.
Amy previously revealed that she had grown fat while living as a gymnast.

Amy added: “In the first VT it was like’I need a higher cut in my leotard!’”

Olympic athlete Amy was under intense pressure during her days as a gymnast, she began to participate from the age of two, and it hurts how she and others felt fat and humiliated by the mass loss in training.

Amy still met a psychologist and said last year: “When I was served salad, I thought my head was fat, so it broke.”

Despite her gymnastics experience, Amy said she had never skated before starting practice with an understudy three months ago.

Bronze medalist Amy had never skated before the show.
Bronze medalist Amy had never skated before the show.

She explained: “The gym was not allowed to play any other sport in case I was injured. My friends used to go to the ice rink for fun on the weekends, but I never could.”

After three months of training, Amy prepares to confront the judges on Sunday, January 31st, as she said “I’ve been judged for a lifetime”.

And when it comes to social media trolls, Amy said: “Everyone can have their own opinion and it’s up to them. I am in a place in my life that puts the gym behind me. I am satisfied with myself.”

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