After my parents tested positive, Jess Wright said,’Over the past month, COVID has ripped our family apart.

After revealing that her dad Mark and mom Carol had tested positive for the coronavirus, Jess Wright told her followers to stay safe amid new confusing tensions.

After enjoying a magical date night at a festive-themed igloo, the reality star shared on Instagram the devastating impact the virus had on his family.

The 35-year-old, who posted on her Instagram story, said, “COVID has been tearing up our family for the past month and it’s been terrible.

“Everyone stays safe, stays at home, wears a mask and checks out your loved ones regularly. The fight is not over yet. We come and pray every day.

Jess Wright said,’covid ripped off the family after parents tested positive.

Jess urged her followers to stay safe amid the new virus strain.
Jess urged her followers to stay safe amid the new virus strain.

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“It seems like a new variant is spreading like wildfire,” she explained.

Jess concluded, “Thanks to those who know our family for being hospitalized with this terrible virus.”

Carol, the mother of a former TOWIE star, announced on January 1 that she and her husband Mark had tested positive.

Carol, 60, who shares photos of the couple during happier times while on vacation together, explained the situation.

Carol broke the news with a retreat for a happier hour.

“Well, how long this year has passed. This Christmas and New Year I couldn’t spend with my loved ones.

“My husband and I have been attacked with the virus all Christmas, and my husband is fighting it. I am suffering from the worst cough so far,” she confided.

Despite not doing her best, the hostess vowed to defeat the virus and said that if she was sick, she had learned a valuable lesson.

“But my husband and I will solve this problem.

“Don’t think this virus is not real.

The pair has been suffering since Christmas
The pair has been suffering since Christmas

“Don’t take things for granted, always be there for others. That made me appreciate life so much.”

Carol, the last family member to leave TOWIE, said: “The little things in life are more important than the big things. All you need is love and consideration.

“Happy New Year to all. May next year be the best year for all.

“I would like to thank the NHS for helping my husband recover from this problem. Fingers crossed the x,” she ended with optimistic words.

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